Park sprinklers put a damper on celebration

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I’m writing to you about a very disappointing 4th of July event that happened at Kaseburg Park on Rand Way in Roseville, just before the 4th of July fireworks celebration at the Placer County Fairgrounds. Since the fairgrounds were packed along with all the streets nearby, many people go to other safe places to watch the fireworks display our city puts on each year. My wife and I joined at least a hundred other people (families, couples and elderly single people) that had gathered in the park to watch. At about 9:05 p.m. (20 minutes before the fairgrounds fireworks display) we were all soaked ... The park sprinklers came on. Everyone had to scoop up their belongings and run to the parking lot. This was very sad. But what angered us more was seeing a city of Roseville pickup parked in the lot with someone inside just watching all of us. This was very poor community support by the city. Could you have thought to suspend sprinklers in parks on the evening of the 4th? Why were the city maintenance crews just sitting there - watching? Aren’t early morning hours the best time to water to conserve during this drought period? I am very upset at the lack of thought and concern of the council and its maintenance crews. Randall Delise, Roseville