Park named in honor of Fred Festersen, longtime resident

By: Sydney Maynard Press Tribune Intern
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One of Roseville?s many parks is Fred Festersen Park, named after a prominent Roseville resident. But visitors to the park may not know the man and his many contributions to the city. Fred Festersen, 94, has lived in Roseville since 1922 and has been an active member in the Roseville community. He previously worked in the real estate and insurance business and was on the board of directors of the Red Cross in Sacramento as well as a member of the Kiwanis club and Chamber of Commerce. ?I have a wife and five kids,? Festersen said. ?I wanted a good community for them.? Festersen was also influential in the growth of PRIDE Industries, an organization that creates jobs for people with disabilities. ?Three ladies from Auburn were (doing it) in a church basement ? teaching handicapped children to tie their shoes and giving them menial tasks to make them feel like they were worth something,? Festersen said. ?They came down to Roseville and formed PRIDE.? When Festersen learned about PRIDE, it needed $10,000 but only had $5,000 funds available. ?I had money in my bank account,? Festersen said. ?I loaned the money, got on the board of directors and became president right away.? In doing this, Festersen helped turn PRIDE into a multimillion dollar organization. Festersen found out in August that a park was named after him. ?I feel honored that the city felt that I had contributed to the city,? said Festersen. ?I think the main thing (is that) I was instrumental to getting PRIDE turned around to what it is today. I take pride in that.? Cindy Buckmaster, the administrator at Roseville Commons (Festersen?s previous home of residence), knew Festersen for three years and feels that he deserved to have a park named after him because of the good deeds he has done. ?He had a good sense of humor,? Buckmaster said. ?He seemed like he was a very family-oriented type of person. He was a pleasant man (who was) very knowledgeable about Roseville. A lot of people know this man ? a lot of our residents knew of him before he moved in.? ---------- Visit the park Fred Festersen Park is located at 2150 Village Green Drive in Roseville.