Ose out of touch with conservative voters

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Mr. Ose has violated what conservatives stand for. He has broken Ronald Reagan’s commandment, “Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican.” Ose spoke ill of his prior opponents, Barbara Alby and Rico Oller, both very conservative individuals and has now leveled untrue statements and innuendos about the most conservative member we have had the pleasure of running in the 4th District. And Ose sends out a flyer implicating that he is a Ronald Reagan Republican. Mr. Ose claims he is a tax fighter and a conservative. Here are a few of the ways he is a tax fighter. He voted for wasteful spending; including mohair subsidies, peanut competitiveness and asparagus research. He voted to extend amnesty and grant Social Security benefits to illegal aliens. He sponsored 37 bills to increase spending by $46 billion. Sound like a tax fighter? He voted in support of gay marriage. He sided with Democrats to protect sanctuary cities, like San Francisco, from federal prosecution. Ose was one of a few “cracker-barrel” Republicans in Congress. Mr. Ose mocks Tom McClintock “for living with his mommy.” Since McClintock’s parents (both elderly) lived a few miles away, they decided it made no sense to maintain two homes and decided to combine their households. McClintock’s dad passed away shortly after. Then his mom took ill and this arrangement made it possible to continue to care for her as well. I hope all men are mommy’s boys like McClintock. Let’s not let Mr. Ose buy this election, please check out his real record and then vote for Tom McClintock. Richard P. Turrietta, Auburn