One dead, two hurt in Roseville shooting

Three suspects arrested, one hospitalized in drug deal that ended in violence, police say
By: Staff report
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The Roseville Police Department is continuing to investigate a shooting that killed one man and injured two others Saturday night in what officials say was a drug deal that turned violent. The shootings happened in a parking lot near restaurants and a gas station in the 1200 block of Galleria Boulevard. Detectives have determined that shortly before the 8:13 p.m. shooting, five men, all acquainted in one way or another, got inside a gray van in the parking lot to conduct a methamphetamine deal. Detectives also believe that four of the men had conspired to rob the drug dealer. A struggle ensued inside the van, and three of the five men were shot, Roseville Police spokeswoman Dee Dee Gunther said in a press release. One of the uninjured men fled the scene in his own vehicle before emergency units arrived. Roseville Police identified and arrested him Sunday morning, the release said. According to reports from bystanders, two other men got out of the van — one was uninjured and the other one collapsed in the parking lot, suffering from gunshot wounds to his lower body. He was taken to a local hospital with critical injuries. His companion was immediately detained for questioning by police officers, the release said. One of the two men remaining in the van suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the upper body. The other was shot in the leg, but was able to drive the van to Mercy San Juan Hospital in Sacramento County, where he was treated and eventually released to the custody of Roseville police officers, according to the report. “We have three in custody right now,” Gunther said. “One (suspect) is in the hospital. Assuming he makes it, we assume he will also be arrested with the same charges.” Roseville Police identified the five men as: · A 43-year-old man from Sacramento, deceased of a gunshot wound to the chest. His name is being withheld pending notification of family. · Harold Lee Allen, 41, of Sacramento. Police say he drove the deceased man to Mercy San Juan Hospital. Allen was treated for a gunshot wound to the leg and released to the custody of Roseville Police officers. · A 55-year-old man from Rio Linda who got out of the van and collapsed in the parking lot, suffering from major injuries from gunshot wounds to his legs. A citizen bystander gave him emergency aid at the scene. He remains in the hospital in critical condition. His name is not being released because he has not yet been arrested or charged. · Hector Jimenez Perez, 46, of Sacramento, who, according to the police report, accompanied the 55-year-old in the parking lot. Perez wasn’t injured and was immediately detained for questioning by Roseville Police officers. He is now in custody. · Francisco J. Cabrera-Silva, 29, of Roseville. On Sunday morning, Roseville Police officers, who had been looking for the fifth and final suspect, made a traffic stop on Elefa Street in Roseville and took him into custody. His photo was not released at this time because of the ongoing investigation, the release said. It’s anticipated that all the surviving suspects will be charged with homicide, either as suspected shooters or under the felony murder rule (causing someone’s death during the commission of a felony) and other related charges, Gunther said in the release. “Violent crimes like this are extremely rare in Roseville. It’s important for people to know that this wasn’t a random event, but a planned criminal transaction among people who knew each other,” Roseville Police Chief Daniel Hahn said. “It’s very unfortunate that this group picked a busy and popular area on a Saturday night, near restaurants and other businesses, to conduct their illegal activity. We’re thankful that no innocent bystanders were injured.”