Old news is good news for Roseville Rotary

Club celebrates 75 years
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As part of its 75th birthday celebration, members of the Rotary Club of Roseville and Sacramento Rotary visited the Downtown Roseville Library to look at newspaper articles about the club’s formation in April 1938.

Head Librarian Natasha Casteel showed the Rotarians copies of the Roseville Tribune newspaper from March and April 1938. The Sacramento Rotary Club sponsored the Roseville Rotary Club and presented Roseville with a brass Rotary bell. Roseville Rotary president Jack Arney pointed out to Sacramento Rotary President Peter Dannenfelser that Roseville Rotary continues to use the brass Rotary bell that Sacramento gave them 75 years ago, Roseville Press Tribune newspaper editor Krissi Khokhobashvili was at the library to view the 1938 newspapers and talk about how the local paper has changed over the years.

Seventeen local businessmen formed the Roseville Rotary Club in 1938. Roseville Rotary has continued to grow through the years and, during its April 5, 2013, meeting, the 100th member was inducted. When Roseville Rotary was chartered in 1938, it was Rotary Club No., 4634 and today there are more than 33,000 Rotary Clubs worldwide.

The library also has microfilm copies of the Roseville Press Tribune newspaper on microfilm that that can be viewed.