Obama plan will be too costly

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Look at all the letters criticizing Congressman Tom McClintock’s opposition to Obama’s budget/economic stimulus. McClintock is correct in strongly opposing historically unprecedented tax-borrow-and-spend policies. In a few months, Obama has tripled our nation’s annual deficit. The letter writers taking shots at McClintock are dead wrong. Democrats in Congress are spending to bankrupt the country or force taxes so high that none of us will be able to be self-sufficient. They and their letter-writers are hypocritical when they criticize. An honest approach would be to say, we opposed Bush’s absurd spending, but now we support Obama’s even larger spending. Charlie Brown’s crew contends that the stimulus bill will “add 8,300 new jobs here in the 4th Congressional District.” If true, simple math says the cost to 4th CD’s taxpayers for these jobs (1/535th of that stimulus piece) is approximately $1.8 billion. According to Brown, nets 8,300 jobs. Simple division: Over $200,000 per job. Divided by our population — each of us pays $2,500 per job. The Obama administration has unveiled a $1.4 trillion tax increase. I can’t wait to see team Brown criticize McClintock for opposing the Obama taxation death penalty delivered to small businesses and families. Aaron F Park, Roseville