Oakmont students win state mock trial competition

By: Eileen Wilson Special to The Press-Tribune
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Oakmont High School in Roseville recently represented Placer County at the 27th annual California State Mock Trail competition in Southern California. Though the team didn’t place first in the competition, students and coach, nevertheless, came home in a celebratory mood. Two students on the team earned individual first-place awards, and credit their team members for helping them achieve the coveted honors. Tyler Hausman-Carver, a junior, won the State Championship award in the Courtroom Artist competition. Hausman-Carver was credited with creating the most outstanding courtroom portraiture. According to teacher and coach, Michelle John, “Our entire team was on their feet, screaming out as Tyler’s name was called. It was an incredible moment for Tyler and the team; we were so proud of his work and amazing drawing of court proceedings.” Hausman-Carver, who came to the team his sophomore year because his sister was in law school at the time, won third place in the competition last year. “I’ve been artistic since I was able to pick up a brush,” he said, describing how his artist father would put a canvas in front of him and ask him to randomly apply colorful paints. “I’m definitely interested in an art career; not only will this give me experience, but it’s a reference if I want to go into commissioned art,” he said. Shelby Hagensmith, a senior who has been on the team four years, received the 2008 Prosecuting Attorney award. “I can’t explain what an honor this award represents,” Coach John said. “Shelby’s command of the courtroom is truly mesmerizing.” Hagensmith, who joined the team as a freshman because she wants to be a lawyer, was moved by the honor. “It was absolutely amazing,” she said. “My entire high school career has been building up to that moment.” Graduation is just around the corner for Hagensmith. She plans to attend junior college for a year, then apply to a Marine Corps training program in Southern California, with plans to become an officer. “I’ve always wanted to be in the military,” she said. “In eighth grade I went on a Washington, D.C. trip. I realized, to be a citizen of such a great country, we have an obligation to serve it.” John said the students and their team are a credit to Oakmont. “It was a great day to be a Viking,” John said.