Oakmont High juniors find their buzz in Oopzi-Dazi band

By: Julia Zhuchkov Special to The Press-Tribune
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Rarely does a day at Oakmont High School go by where the Oopzi-Dazi band isn’t mentioned by someone. While some students focus on school, friends, or sports, Oakmont juniors Jonathan Hunt and Elijah Payton’s passions led them to recording music together. “We became friends in ninth grade, had all the same classes,” Payton said. “One day I just started to write a little verse as a joke and he joined on with me. We then started to call ourselves E&J, for Elijah and Johnny. Then we got more serious about it and changed the name to Oopzi-Dazi and we’ve be rocking ever since.” Oopzi-Dazi has come a long way since those first days. They recently released an album that sells for $5. From creative lyrics to one-of a-kind beats, this group does it all. “We each have our own verses in the songs, and we each write them on our own. A lot of the hooks are both of our ideas mixed together, and that’s how we come out with a unique sound,” Hunt said. – Julia Zhuchkov is a journalism student at Oakmont High School.