Nothing has changed

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In September 2003 I addressed in a letter to the Press Tribune Rocky Rockholm’s treatment of citizens wishing to speak at council meetings and his attitude and arrogance as mayor and council member of the City of Roseville comparing him as a more arrogant politician than Willie Brown. Since his election to the Placer County Board of Supervisors nothing has changed. His complete disregard to his constituents and pandering to his fellow supervisor,(Kent Uhler) not only in hiring his wife but approving a raise in her salary while the County faces budgetary problems plus his reluctance to reimburse the county for airline travel until shamed into it reflects that nothing in his persona has changed since his days on the City of Roseville’s council. I look forward to fall election to see if Placer County voters will finally come to their senses and vote him off the County Board of Supervisors. Gene Martineau, Roseville