No harm, and just a technical foul, thanks to refs at Woodcreek

Administrator says game officials ‘made the right call’ to get players off powder-dusted surface
By: Bill Poindexter, Roseville Press Tribune Sports Editor
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ROSEVILLE — It was an innocent act, meant for fun, one of those teenage things, but like other teenage innocent acts, this one caused a problem while, fortunately, not causing any physical harm.

Powder was tossed into the air by several students before Friday night’s Sierra Foothill League boys basketball game between Roseville and host Woodcreek. The powder gave the court a good dusting, creating a slippery hardwood surface. The game started about 40 minutes late after a cleanup effort, but when a Roseville player slipped in a corner while dribbling, officials ruled the surface unplayable with the Tigers leading 21-14 in the second quarter.

The game was moved to Moeller Gym at Roseville High School, where the Tigers motored on to an 87-71 victory.

Beyond earning a technical foul for having an unplayable court, Woodcreek Assistant Principal Mark O’Hair said Monday there would be no further punishment.

“Somebody brought a bottle of baby powder (and) squeezed it into other kids’ hands,” O’Hair said Monday. “There was nothing malicious about it, but it got on the floor. Despite us trying to mop it up, we couldn’t get it all up. It was on everybody’s shoes.”

That created a lightning-strike moment. While the odds are a million to one of being struck, it isn’t the million that creates worry, it’s the one.

“The floor wasn’t horrible, but two kids slipped, and the refs said if some kid hurts his knee, we can’t say we didn’t see it coming,” O’Hair said. “The referees made the right call.

“A little tiny bit of that stuff, we found out, goes a lonnnnnnng way.”

Settled in at Roseville, the Tigers took off. Guard Matt Tawlks and center Roman Tyukayev formed an efficient pick-and-roll team, resulting in seven assists for Tawlks and 19 points for Tyukayev. Aggressive guard Cole Jacobs scored 25 points.

“I think it was awkward for both sides,” Roseville coach Greg Granucci said. “It was really strange. I was anxious to see how both squads would come out. I think we felt comfortable coming back here.”

Press Tribune correspondent Robbie Enos contributed to this report.