Nine Roseville restaurants participate in Regional Restaurant Week

By: ToLewis,Press Tribune correspondent
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Roseville eateries have teamed up with the California Restaurant Association for an event aimed at highlighting what local chefs do best.

The association recruited more than 45 restaurants in the greater Sacramento area, nine of which are in Roseville, to take part in the inaugural Sacramento Regional Restaurant Week.

The event began Monday and runs through Oct. 14 with nine Roseville restaurants offering prix-fixe, three-course meals at three different price points: $15, $30 and $40 per person.

Bobby Coyote, founder of Dos Coyotes and president of the Sacramento chapter of the California Restaurant Association, said Regional Restaurant Week aims to give diners a reason to come out to eat, and to attract new customers by showcasing what local restaurants have to offer.

"It just really promotes the industry as a whole," Coyote said. "It tends to get the word out and bring more people out for that specific event."

Daniel Conway, spokesman for the Sacramento chapter of the California Restaurant Association, said similar events in Sacramento such as "Wine and Dine Week" and "Dine Downtown," which occur on different dates throughout the year, are more narrowly focused.

He said Regional Restaurant Week has a much broader scope and is meant to draw attention to the culinary diversity that exists not only in Roseville, but the region as a whole.

"Even in the last decade or less, (the area) has really solidified its place on the map as a premier culinary location and region," Conway said. "I think in a lot of ways this event is looking to highlight that, obviously, but also to celebrate that fact."

Many of the Roseville restaurants taking part in the event are popular Sacramento-based chains that have looked to Roseville to expand their businesses such as Fat's Asia Bistro, Mikuni, Chicago Fire, Dos Coyotes (actually based in Davis) and recent addition Zocalo at The Fountains.

"I think Roseville has had a somewhat unique story in the last few years from a restaurant perspective in that there has been so much growth," Conway said. "A lot of these well-established, well-loved local brands have seen Roseville as an important growth area."

Coyote first expanded his restaurant chain from Sacramento to Roseville in 1997 and said he did so at the advice of a business partner who saw great potential in a highly unsaturated restaurant market.

"Since we came out in 1997, Roseville has just gone gangbusters," Coyote said. "I think for the most part, the city has created a fantastic synergy. I think a lot of restaurants do very well."

Coyote said he expects Sacramento Regional Restaurant Week to become the premier annual restaurant event in the region and hopes it will grow three-fold by next year.

"We have chapters in other areas that have been doing this for years," Conway said. "It's been a real success for driving out traffic and creating energy and buzz around the industry."

This year's event has attracted more than 45 area restaurants spanning from Elk Grove to Roseville, Lincoln and Rocklin.

Coyote said the idea for the event was modeled after the CRA's San Diego chapter, which holds a similar event twice each year and attracts around 200 participating restaurants.

"When San Diego did it for the first time, I think they only had 20 or 25 (restaurants)," Coyote said. "It's the very first year we've done it and we've already beat San Diego. So for the first year it's doing really well. I think it's going to be a huge success."

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Sacramento Regional Restaurant Week

When: Now through Oct. 14

What: Prix-fixe, three-course meals at $15, $30 or $40 per person

Participating Roseville restaurants

Old Spaghetti Factory, 731 Sunrise Blvd. (916) 773-3950

Mas Cocina Mexicana, 1563 Eureka Road (916) 773-3778

Chicago Fire, 500 North Sunrise Blvd. (916) 771-2020

Dos Coyotes Border Café, 2030 Douglas Blvd. (916) 772-0775

Zocalo, 1182 Roseville Parkway (916) 788-0303

Fat's Asia Bistro, 1500 Eureka Road (916) 787-3287

T.G.I. Friday's, 1168 Galleria Blvd. (916) 781-8443

Il Fornaio Cucina Italiana, 1179 Galleria Boulevard (916) 788-1200

Mikuni, 1565 Eureka Road (916) 797-2112       

For a complete list of all area restaurants participating in Regional Restaurant Week and the specials being offered, visit