NFL fan’s dream job moves closer to reality for Pittsburgh Steelers supporter

Roseville’s Stephanie Galbraith picked from 200,000 online entries
By: Gus Thomson Gold Country News Service
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Stephanie Galbraith is on the short list for a six-figure NFL dream job.
It’s called Director of Fandemonium and while you may not have heard of the contest that could land her the job, the Roseville resident, Auburn-raised Pittsburgh Steelers fan could have a ringside seat to football history over the next year if she wins.
Galbraith, 27, has already been flown for a weekend in New York and rubbed shoulders with football great Jerome Bettis.
The Auburn oil company employee was randomly selected in a drawing from 200,000 entrants as one of 32 original candidates for a Monster Worldwide promotion.
With family in the Pittsburgh area, Galbraith’s father, Victor, is a huge Steelers fan and has passed that love of the black and gold down to his daughter.
Bolstered by a strong Steelers fan base and a boast about her ability to convince family members to paint their faces in the Pittsburgh colors before going to church, Galbraith has made the next round of eight.
If Galbraith wins in an online and text vote at the site, she’ll not only pick up $100,000 but also be in line for some monumental perks.
The grab bag of goodies that comes with the ceremonial post would be a dream come true for any sports fan. It includes being there for the Super Bowl coin toss, announcing a pick at the NFL draft, being a “broadcasting liaison” at the 2010 NFL Thanksgiving game, and selecting a play at the 2011 Pro Bowl.
During January, two contestants with the lowest vote totals will be dropped from the contest
The single mother of two said the $100,000 in cash would be a big help to her but that the perks of the yearlong Director of Fandemonium ceremonial post would also be welcome.
“All the other things sound amazing,” Galbraith said.
If she reaches the final round, Galbraith and another leading vote getter will be flown to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii for the final “head-to-head” competition and week of voting.
Galbraith said she’s aiming for the No. 1 slot and is proud to be representing Steelers fans – even when she hails from the traditional 49ers and Raiders territory.
“I don’t mind others rooting for another team,” Galbraith said. “I just hope they get over it once we beat them.”

Fandemonium contest
Where to vote online:
Where to text: 72645
How much: One vote limit per day