Next time, flash mob Arco Arena

Reader Input
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Dear Sacramento Choral Society: Though I narrowly escaped your choral assault in the mall, I did however get to enjoy the chorus of lights and sirens blaring from all the emergency vehicles your “Random Act of Culture” commanded (Journal, Dec. 21). I really liked the red flares blocking the entrances. Santa was proud I’m sure! Between that Alexander Piggee moron and your Choral Society, you two can really throw one helluva Christmas party. Next time you get a wild hair for some self-indulging, holiday YouTube narcissism, please flash-mob Arco Arena. Our Sacramento Kings could use some attendance and your vocal aptitude. Just bring a cow bell. Oh, I almost forgot! Since I had to drive down to Trader Joe’s and loop back onto the freeway to leave the mall, I had the delight of being caught in the Interstate 80 parking lot at the eastbound Highway 65 exit. As that was fun, what really got me in the holiday mood was when the young lady in the small-sized SUV pulled out directly in front of me without looking. I drive a three-quarter-ton Dodge pickup truck. The front of my vehicle is equipped with a brush guard. Said brush guard was two feet away from keeping this poor gal from being able to purchase her Bare Escentuals matte foundation and consume her favorite Panda Express’ delicacies ... permanently. Thanks again for the holiday cheer, Sacramento Choral Society! Mike Fredy, Applegate