New look OK’d for Automall

City to invest up to $3 million
By: Megan Wood The Press-Tribune
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The city of Roseville will invest up to $3 million in the Roseville Automall thanks to a resolution that was adopted at last Wednesday’s City Council meeting. Council members voted 5-0 in favor of the resolution, which is designed to boost the sales-tax generator’s marketability in the current tough economy. The investment will go toward improving city-owned property at the Automall, including the perimeter wall, signs and entrances that are now nearly 20 years old. Deputy City Manager Julia Burrows said the outer perimeter wall will be updated to include display areas at nine intersections. The changes will allow new cars to be showcased. “The maintenance to the wall will improve aesthetics and enhance visibility for the Automall,” Burrows said. Burrows said the funds for the improvements will be provided by the Strategic Improvement Fund, an account set aside for projects of public interest. Other projects supported by the fund include the public parking garage in Downtown Rose-ville. City officials say the Automall has been the largest source of the city’s sales tax revenue since 1993, providing more than $90 million to the city’s general fund. The revenue generated by the Automall provides funding for the fire and police departments as well as other public safety projects, libraries and parks and recreation projects. Since April, 12 dealerships in the Sacramento region have downsized or closed. Councilman Richard Roccucci credited the Automall with providing valuable advertising for Roseville that has helped the economic development of the city. “It has been a great partnership. We have both benefited greatly,” said Mayor Jim Gray. “The more we can do to enhance this partnership, I’m all for it.” In other business, City Council approved a resolution to adopt a northern and western boundary for the city that includes proposed projects Brookfield, the Reason Farms panhandle and Sierra Vista. The City Council will take up the issue again within six months to decide whether to include Placer Ranch. Wednesday night also marked Gray’s final city council meeting as mayor. As the top vote-getter in the 2006 election, Gina Garbolino will succeed him for the two-year mayor’s term and will be sworn into the position during a ceremony scheduled for Dec. 2.