Mormon Helping Hands returns to Roseville

Community service event set for April 27
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From 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, April 27, volunteers will be out in force in four areas of Roseville for the Mormon Helping Hands community service event.

Volunteers will be working on Vernon Street, Historic Roseville, Rocky Ridge and Woodcreek.

Mormon Helping Hands is an annual community service project where Mormon people come together all over the state of California in their local communities to provide service. This year the members of the nine wards in Roseville will be working in four key areas to clean up trash, prune trees/bushes and provide general beautification.

The public affairs committee for the church has worked closely with city of Roseville leaders to identify and offer their services to the community. There will be several hundred people, all donning yellow vests, working together keep the city looking great. There will be thousands of people working in cities across the state. All citizens of Roseville are welcome to join.

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