McClintock trails Brown in 4th District congressional campaign cash

State senator shutting down lieutenant–governor campaign fund, donating money
By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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A bruising primary has left Republican Tom McClintock’s funding cupboard relatively bare compared with Democrat Charlie Brown’s in the 4th District congressional race to succeed Rep. John Doolittle. McClintock’s spring campaign for the GOP nomination against multimillionaire businessman Doug Ose left the state senator with $117,000, four months ahead of the Nov. 4 election. McClintock’s statement on finances, filed with the Federal Election Commission, shows campaign contributions totaling $1.58 million and expenditures of $1.47 million. Ose spent more than twice that total in losing. The report also shows debts and obligations by the McClintock committee of just under $60,000. Brown, who had no strong opposition in the Democratic Party primary, spent little and retains more than $670,000 in cash on hand. Brown spokesman Todd Stenhouse said the candidate’s donor base now stands at nearly 12,500 people and during one 24-hour period in June, more than 440 contributed online. John Feliz, campaign director for McClintock, R-Thousands Oaks, said campaign contributions have averaged $120 and they have come from 13,700 individual donors. Only 50 donors have made contributions of more than $2,000, he said. Brown issued a statement saying the latest financial report indicates broad support across the 4th District. The district’s population base is in Placer County but extends to the Oregon border. “We’re offering a real change in this campaign – battle-tested experience, strong local leadership and an unshakable focus on bringing people together so we can solve problems and get our country back on track,” Brown said. Feliz said that the primary saw McClintock outspent “by a well-heeled candidate who tended to be left of the center.” “Charlie Brown is more to the left and has less money than Doug Ose,” Feliz said. “What will be important is what the issues are – because that’s what people are going to vote on.” Energy, forest fire protection, gas prices, immigration and national security will be some of the topics on the table as voters fill out their ballots, Feliz said. “We’ll have the opportunity to draw distinctions and show why Sen. McClintock can best represent the 4th District,” he said. Brown’s campaign also leveled a blast at McClintock for opening 2010 campaign committees for state lieutenant governor and the state Board of Equalization. A veteran state legislator, he’s being termed out of office in 2010. Total funds raised had reached $210,000. Feliz said McClintock is shutting those campaign funds down and donating the money – which can’t be spent in federal campaigns – to charity. “Since McClintock lives in Southern California and can’t vote for himself in this election, I guess he doesn’t expect that anyone else will either,” Stenhouse said. “This shows that McClintock’s candidacy for the 4th District is just as disingenuous as his calls to cut government spending on everything except Tom McClintock.” The Journal’s Gus Thomson can be reached at ------------------------------------ Congressional cash Here are the cash-on-hand totals that Republican and Democratic 4th Congressional District candidates are sitting on, based on federal filing information released to the public Tuesday*: Charlie Brown Democrat $670,000 Tom McClintock Republican $117,000 *Numbers reflect expenditures and revenues as of June 30.