McClintock takes back door approach to debate

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On Oct. 15 I was at a debate in Auburn hosted by the Auburn Chamber of Commerce. I waited in earnest at the entrance of the hotel to ask the candidates questions before they began. I had the opportunity to speak with Charlie Brown as he arrived. Mr. Brown took his time answering my questions. I then waited for Tom McClintock, the Republican candidate. He never appeared so I finally went indoors. It was then that I saw Mr.McClintock coming through the back door. It appeared that he was trying to avoid Brown supporters who had gathered in front. I approached him and asked him why he does not live in Congressional District 4 yet he wants to represent us. He ignored my question and kept walking briskly. After the debate he again tried to sneak out the back door of the hotel, this time upstairs. When I approached him and asked the question once again Mr. McClintock said in a very angry tone that he did not want to speak to me. I identified myself as a member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and that my family has been in this district for 60 years. I told him that if he didn't want to speak to me then I could not vote for him. He continued to walk away from me. How can someone claim that they want to represent me yet they cannot begin to know who I am if they refuse to speak with me? Tom McClintock is a coward. A coward who should run for Congress should live in a district where he actually lives. My vote will proudly go to a USAF veteran and a person who answers my questions and lives in my district, Charlie Brown. At the debate in question I heard McClintock say that he was proud to be endorsed by several border security organizations. As a Latina I wonder if any of those organizations are the anti-immigrant group the Minutemen. If he would actually talk to me I would love to ask the question. Olga Trevizo Roseville