McClintock a politician just lookin’ for a home

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Fed up with their environmental problems and stay the course politics, the majority of registered voters in Ventura County are no longer Republican. They are Democratic. Is it a coincidence that the very next day after this announcement was made, Tom McClintock fled his Ventura County-Los Angeles district in search of a new rural district to turn into another Los Angeles? McClintock is most certainly not representative of the needs of the Fourth Congressional District. How could he be? He is not one of us. He has represented Ventura and Los Angeles for a quarter of a century. Another absentee landlord congressman is not what we need now. We need someone local who cares about local issues and has to live locally with the political decisions he or she makes in Washington D.C. Given McClintock's voting record, and given the urgency of Placer County's runaway development problems, we cannot afford to elect L.A. Tom McClintock or anyone like him. Is there no local talent up to the job? What are we thinking that we have to import a career politician from L.A.? Nick DelCioppo, Newcastle