March ‘math’ madness at Adventure Christian School

Students learn about recycling, math and science
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Adventure Christian School added a twist to the typical March Madness basketball hoopla.

Instead of focusing on college hoops, the Roseville school hosted “March Math Madness,” a campus-wide event. This year’s theme was reduce, renew, recycle.

The school integrated math and science lessons into the event, held Thursday, March 31. Students rotated among 13 stations located around campus to learn different aspects of recycling.

“It was a very successful event to incorporate our math and science lessons while also promoting the importance of recycling,” said admissions coordinator Tiffany Lathrop.

Vendors from around the community brought solar panels, drilling augers, power lines and wind turbines to help students learn about various energy sources.

City of Roseville’s Environmental Utilities Department staff taught students about composting. They also experienced a “lunch dump” session where classes collected trash generated from one day’s worth of lunch and weighed the garbage to determine on average how much trash goes to the landfill per student.

During the solar energy demonstration, students were asked to calculate how many watts a solar tracker could produce.

Students used old homework to learn the process of recycled papermaking. They tore up their old work, mixed the scraps with water to make pulp, and then used screens and rolling pins to make paper.

Adventure Christian School also partnered with Sims Recycling Solutions for an electronic waste recycling event in the campus parking lot. Residents dropped off computers, monitors, laptops, televisions and other electronics.

~ Sena Christian


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