Man who found dog deserves full reward

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This is in regards to the 6-month-old deaf puppy that was found. First I’d like to say I’m very happy for the puppy, his owner and everyone who helped in finding him. My disappointment is with Placer SPCA. The article in The Press-Tribune (July 19) states “While the man did not ask for the $2,000 reward the Placer SPCA offered for Dodger’s safe return, Green and Vierra gave him $100.” The reference is to Matt Green, Placer SPCA director of operations, and Leilani Vierra, Placer SPCA chief executive officer. I have a copy of the flier that went out from Placer SPCA and it states “A $2,000 reward is being offered by the Placer SPCA to anyone with information that leads to Dodger’s safe return to the Placer SPCA.” The dog was returned safely, correct? By the article, since the man didn’t ask for it, he wasn’t doing it for the money, so rest assured he was just a good Samaritan. I would like to know why the Placer SPCA kept their publicized reward? Would it be because the man was homeless? Shame on Placer SPCA. The reward belongs to the man who contacted them and gave them their dog back, the full reward, not just $100. So, Placer SPCA, what did you do with the remaining $1,900? Tammy Meredith, Applegate