Mama Bootcamp Week 3: Oh, Snap!

By: Stephanie Garcia, Gold Country News Service
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Editor's note: Stephanie Garcia is chronicling her experience doing the six-week Mama Bootcamp program.

Week three has come to an end on a good note, even though my bad eating habits showed their ugly face early in the week. I was just about to eat two pieces of deliciously fattening pizza with ranch dressing. Upon taking them out of the microwave, I was flooded with anxiety. I thought to myself, “I can’t do this anymore,” and I called Lorri.

I was so glad that she answered. I felt stupid as I confessed to her the meal I was staring at. This was a critical time for a couple reasons. First, I love pizza, and this was stuffed crust. Second, I wasn’t about to devour a few hundred calories — I was about to sabotage the 1.5-hour workout that I had worked so hard on earlier that day.

Lorri had me toss the pizza in the garbage — the outside garbage. Then she carefully walked me back inside and asked me to detail the food I had in my fridge. I did as told and came up with a healthy alternative to settle my blood sugar: grilled chicken with salsa and a half of avocado. I mixed it all up and ate it.
Eating right is hard. But this reality check made me realize that I want to be healthy way more than I want to feel the instant gratification of eating deliciously fat- and calorie-laden pizza. This single incident really woke me up and kicked my commitment into high-gear.

Despite that drama, I managed to attend four boot camp sessions this week. I really like the flexibility of choosing whether to attend morning, afternoon or evening classes. It makes it easy to make sure I get a workout in and with the variety of classes, times and locations; I have no excuses not to. And in case I try to come up with an excuse, Lorri passed out rubber bands this week and asked us to wear them on our wrists so we can snap back into reality whenever we feel the need to.

Doubting your workout? Snap your wrist.

Ready to sabotage your good eats? Snap!

Thinking self-depreciating thoughts like “I’ll never be able to wear that” — snap!
It even works on other family members, like when my husband was bugging me to cheat on my eating plan with “just a little bit of ice cream” — the handy-dandy rubber band snapped on him.

As my fourth week starts tomorrow, I have written out five classes on my calendar, stocked up on healthy snacks, protein-rich meals, veggies and fruit. I’ve taken two friends to class with me, and both of them have signed up. I am thankful for the support I’m receiving as well as the new friends I’ve made. I hope to see some of you at a class!

Until then…