Mama Bootcamp Week 2: Am I a food addict?

By: Stephanie Garcia, Gold Country News Service
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Editor's note: Stephanie Garcia is chronicling her experience doing the six-week Mama Bootcamp program.

I've just finished my second week which consisted of two 5 a.m. classes and a 5K walk with my 12-year-old. My goal is three classes per week, but one morning, my bed was so comfortable that I couldn't get up ... OK, I chose not to get up. I talked myself into saying it was OK, because I had a 5K planned on Saturday.

I assumed the walk would be a breeze since I am now a Bootcamp Mama ... but I was so wrong. The walk was 1. 5 miles downhill, and then all the way back up. And I have to say, if I hadn't enrolled and attended most of my Bootcamp classes, I am pretty sure I would have called a cab for the uphill trek.

The last two Bootcamp sessions were a little easier. I am beginning to get into a rhythm, and I really like the camaraderie of the girls who are crazy enough to get up before the sun with me. But the toughest part of this whole trial is the food journaling. I have to face it - I'm a bad eater. According to my journals, I love desserts, cheese, sugary carbs and caffeine. And that's just the items I wrote down. I haven't factored in the crust I eat off my daughter's sandwich every morning after I make her lunch, or the crackers I finish when my baby is done eating his lunch. I haven't written down the cake I ate at a birthday party, and I surely didn't log the second piece either.

When I'm not eating, I think about what I'm going to eat. When I'm eating, I think about the next meal. I don't think that is healthy. I never thought I was addicted to food, but maybe I am.

So, I asked Mama Bootcamp founder and my coach Lorri Ann Code for help. I told her I am having food issues and she gave me the number to a nutritionist who will help me with my choices. This is part of the Mama Bootcamp program - you receive two weeks of nutritional advice including recipes and meal plans, for free.

But Lorri went a step further, she offered to come to my house and clean out my pantry. I would have taken her up on this, but I had just devoured all the bad stuff and so I told her this wouldn't be necessary. She checked in with me later in the week and reminded me to keep drinking my water.

Lorri is a stickler on water. She tells us 40 ounces by noon, and 40 more before 6 p.m. I tried it this week, and was diligent about it, and other than running to bathroom every 20 minutes, I did see a difference in my attitude and body pain, or lack thereof. Lorri also recommended a vitamin for me to take daily. I'm not big on pills, but by next week, I should know if it's working or not.

So other than the food issue, I am finding that it's hard for me to get to more than three classes per week. I voiced my concern to the lovely ladies one morning at the New Balance store in the Fountains (classes are at 5 a.m. and the group is insane - in a good way!) One of the girls, I'll call her Drill Instructor, told me that I need to do this five days a week, and I will get into a routine. I wanted to disagree with her - in fact, after taking us on a 2-mile run (that I walked), I wanted to say other things to her, too, but she was right. She said when you get up every other day, then it's easier to sleep in (which I did last week), and miss a class (yep, guilty). But if you make it part of your everyday routine, it gets easier. Since I know to never argue with a Drill Instructor, here is my next week's goal: Attend Monday-Friday classes at 5 a.m. for a week, log all food, and then tell you all how I did.

Until then...