Mailer endorsing Ose draws reader’s comment

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I recently have received several mailers attacking Tom McClintock and telling us to vote Doug Ose for Congress. The most recent mailer was signed by Carol Garcia and Jim Gray. There was no content telling me why to vote for Ose other than the endorsements attached to the mailer. I am wondering if Gray and Garcia researched Ose's record before endorsing him. Did they sign off on allowing their good names to be used on attack mail? Ose received a perfect F from FAIR “ an immigration watchdog group. Ose's votes to give illegal aliens Social Security, voting against increased border patrols and his support of amnesty back that up. Ose voted for mohair subsidies and voted against three Republican study committee budgets that would have cut wasteful government spending. This is why the GOP lost Congress in 2006 “ Ose's record was part of the problem. Ose voted against an amendment protecting the Pledge of Alliegance (under God) and an amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman. Are these Roseville's values? I think Mr. Gray and Mrs. Garcia should reconsider their choice of endorsements Aaron F. Park, Roseville