Loomis resident hosts sportsman reality series

Hooked on outdoor TV
By: Joyia Emard, Loomis News Staff Writer
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A Loomis sportswoman is hosting her own weekly, reality television show. Jamie Susslin, 43, spent two years filming “The Ultimate Sportsman,” a 22-segment se-ries that pits 12 competitors against each other to determine which man or woman is tops at hunting, fishing and outdoor skills. The show airs Thursdays at 7 a.m. on the Versus channel. Susslin said she was ap-proached by Tim Gauthier, the show's producer, after he spotted her speaking at a na-tional sports convention. Susslin said she is an avid fisherman and hunter and is comfortable speaking to large groups, but had no television experience prior to agreeing to host the show. “There was a huge amount of growth between the first and last episode. You can really see the difference,” Susslin said. “I had to get used to speaking to a camera. I had a script, but that doesn’t work all the time, so I had to do a lot of my own writing.” Susslin said the contestants also “grew a lot” during the filming of their hunting and fish-ing adventures. She said they had to get used to being relaxed in front of the camera. She said one of the most humorous moments for the cast came during the kayak chal-lenge when a sportsman had to use a one-man kayak for the first time. Susslin said he kept flipping the boat. “Some of the contestants were really out of their element,” Susslin said. She said during the television series participants receive points for their various sporting accomplishments and one by one they are eliminated, until only the winner remains. “The Ultimate Sportsman,” Suslin said, differs from ordinary outdoorsman shows be-cause others tend to focus on the “catch” or the “kill.” “Our show focuses on camaraderie, teamwork and gives conservation tips. It’s more about what happens along the way,” she said. During production, Susslin said she traveled throughout the United States, including Alaska, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada and Wyoming for filming. Susslin has lived in Loomis for seven years with her husband, Mike. The couple moved from the San Francisco Bay Area after her husband retired. “We chose Loomis because it has a rural feel, but is close to everything and close to out-door activities,” she said. Susslin is a former law enforcement officer and owned a promotions business specializ-ing in fundraisers for conservation and hunting organizations. She is now a realtor. She said she grew up hunting and fishing in Pennsylvania and said she and her husband both enjoy fly fishing local streams and rivers. ----------------------- THE ULTIMATE SPORTSMAN What: A reality TV show in which contestants compete in hunting, fishing and outdoor challenges to become the final winner Host: Jamie Susslin, of Loomis When: Airs Thursdays at 7 a.m. Where: Versus channel