Local resident helps rock the music scene

By: Jency James The Press Tribune
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Imagine a haven that allows teenagers to stay away from drugs and alcohol, listen to music, and relax in a safe but energetic atmosphere. These days, such a place may be difficult to find but Club Retro in Roseville makes it a reality. Despite the “club” in their title, the venue branched out from a church youth group. Auston Page, the band booker for Club Retro, helps make the establishment a place where teenagers can relax, have fun and tap into their musical talents without the pressures of drugs, alcohol or even religious beliefs. “Our music venue is a church that opens its doors to all ages to provide entertainment for music lovers and a safe teen hangout without pushing religion or any certain beliefs on anyone,” he said. 1.What are the genres of music coming through Club Retro? Club Retro doesn't have one particular genre or style of music that we provide. We open our doors to all styles and any band who shows interest in playing on our stage. I would say the majority of shows that we host are made to accommodate the local music scene. If kids are showing interest in specific bands then we try to get bands the kids want to see (it is) basic supply and demand. There is a very large scene for Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, and post hardcore (music). 2. What type of demographic comes out to shows and what kinds of things can they do? The majority I would have to say are between high school and college but we’re an all ages venue so on any given night you’ll see kids from junior high up to their parents or even grandparents who come out to support their kids/grandkids bands. People can either watch the bands or relax in the foyer on a couch next to the fireplace or hang out at the café. We do provide a smoking section, you have to be 18 and be able to show ID, there are no drugs or alcohol allowed on the property so that everything remains safe for the night. 3.What do you think about the music scene in Roseville? I love it- the shows here are going great. The kids coming in have fun. We work with bands from all over the northern California area as well and book shows all over so we focus on the whole region. There is a lot of talent in the Sac scene and we just want to help it as much as possible. (The genres) vary from pop punk to rock to screamo or hardcore, there’s a wide variety. 4.How has the economy affected Club Retro? Like any place that does live music, we have our share of good turnouts and not so good turnouts. Club Retro has always strived to keep our shows affordable to the friends and fans of the artists and our community. We also provide our performing artists the tools they need to make their shows successful. 5.It seems the bands are pretty creative with their names- which ones stand out? Causa Mortis, A Holy Ghost Revival, Early States, Not Your Style, Tommy and the High Pilots [and] Jamies Elsewhere are just a few. To suggest someone for this feature, email Jency James at