Local filmmakers fulfill dream with ‘No Parking’

By: Megan Wood The Press Tribune
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Know and Go No Parking world premiere When: Oct. 25 5 p.m. VW Car Show 6 p.m. Micah Tawlks Concert 7 p.m. World Premiere of “No Parking” Where: Magic Circle’s Tower Theater, 421 Vernon St., Roseville Tickets: $3. Proceeds benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure Info: There’s something to be said for those who don’t wait for dreams to happen, but instead, make them happen. For local residents Hector Marquez, Seth Shore and the crew at Live Media Entertainment, a Roseville-based production company, what can be said is, “lights, camera, action.” After years filming marketing campaigns and commercials for companies like Popeye’s and Geico, Marquez and Shore took a leap of faith and, with the mentality of “God will provide,” set out to make their first feature length film titled “No Parking.” “We had wanted to make a movie for years,” Marquez said. “We always found that the filming was the most fun part and so we just decided to do it.” With no formal education and little previous experience, the crew set out to budget the film completely out of pocket but received help through well-timed donations and investments from strangers. “We got our camera equipment at the last minute from another production company that let us borrow it out of good faith,” Shore said. “Our lead actor came on at the last minute and a few major investments that otherwise would have meant the end of shooting were all last minute. Everything came right when we needed it and not a second sooner.” The crew began filming in May shooting on location throughout California and Nevada as the plot follows two middle-aged men on a cross-country road trip. Parts of “No Parking” were filmed on location at Roseville hot spots like Royer Park, Basic restaurant and in Downtown and historic Old Town Roseville. “We wanted to plug in people we know and people that our community would know,” Marquez said. “We wanted to live out our dream in every way we could so we got local musicians The Honeytrees and Micah Tawlks to help with the soundtrack.” Shore, an Auburn resident, began writing the screenplay loosely based on events and the aftermath of losing his mother in a car accident last year. “My dad and uncle had always talked about going on a trip through Europe after my mom died,” Shore said. “One day I thought about what they would talk about on that trip and the screenplay was born from that.” Shore said the film centralizes on the message of hope and the journey it takes to get from point A to point B. “After my mom passed away I felt like my best days were behind me,” Shore said. “But you realize that life goes on and you take each day as it comes and there is still so much more good in life.” Bill Shucart, a Roseville resident, joined the cast of “No Parking” a mere three hours before the crew set off for the road trip to begin filming the movie. Shucart agreed to the role after reading the screenplay and finding that his own life closely aligned with his character, Ray, a recently divorced father coping with being separated from his children. “Neither of our actors had much acting experience but they both do a spectacular job because what you see is their true emotions,” Shore said. “It’s acting at its finest because they were so involved with their characters. They were their characters.” Gary Hamner, a Lincoln resident, plays the part of Paul, a widower struggling to heal after the death of his wife, said the role was therapeutic and easy to step into after recently losing his father. “I really felt this film, and this role was a blessing,” Hamner said. “Everyone these days is in mourning, whether it’s economic mourning or family tragedies and to be able to show the process of healing and the other side of those times in a light hearted way is going to touch everyone.” The film is now in the post production process where the final cuts, edits and last minute revisions are made before the world premiere, scheduled Oct. 25. And from a leap of faith comes a potential blockbuster opportunity. Through word of mouth and tireless online marketing with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the “No Parking” Web site, Live Media Entertainment has a verbal agreement for release of their film in 48 theaters in 12 states nationwide. “This has definitely grown to beyond what any of us could have imagined,” Marquez said. “But that was the point with this movie, to step out with hope and not stop along the way. That’s no parking.”