Lincoln Chow spotlights as Bad Dog

By: Sydney Maynard, Press Tribune intern
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Not all dogs are cute and lovable all the time. Man’s best friend is known to get into some shenanigans and the Bad Dog Calendar is proof.

The Bad Dog Calendar by Workman Publishing, which can be found at, features a dog for each day of the year dressed in an outrageous outfit, performing a less-than-ideal act, or just being silly. Each picture is accompanied with a caption.

Charlie the Chow from Lincoln is featured on Oct. 9. He is wearing a Chinese hat and sitting in front of an oriental armoire with a caption reading, “I placed that turd according to feng shui principles.”

Owners Allan, 74, and Brenda, 56, Espeseth formerly of Granite Bay, submitted Charlie’s picture to a different calendar by Workman Publishing because they wanted to share his story and later found out he was chosen for Bad Dog.

1. How did you get Charlie?

My wife (is) an international purser for United Airlines. She was flying from back east and she saw the picture of him on USA Today and (saw) he had survived (Hurricane) Katrina. They took a lot of the dogs that survived Katrina to either Houston or San Francisco because they are supposedly the best SPCAs in America. He ended up in the SPCA in Houston. We hopped on a plane, went to Houston, rented a car (and) went to the SPCA. He was still there and he came up and licked me on the nose. The gal the runs the SPCA said, “Well, I guess you got a dog.” The main point is, we rescued the dog from the hurricane. He’s been a wonderful dog. He’s got a great personality.

2. How did you hear about the Bad Dog Calendar?

(Workman Publishing has) another calendar - it’s a dog calendar. We sent (Charlie’s) story in to them to be on the 2012 calendar. He never made that calendar. Then, back in September they contacted us, just out of the blue. We got a letter that said “Congratulations, your dog Charlie has been picked for the Bad Dog Calendar.” Some of the stuff is a little risqué. It’s very funny, they have the picture and it says something, usually something that dogs do.

3. Did you get anything other than Charlie being featured in the calendar?

They sent us a free wall calendar and a free desktop calendar and then we got a discount (on other calendars). Because of the unique way we got him, and because he’s a very unique dog, we’re very proud that he’s in there.

4. What’s the funniest thing Charlie has ever done?

We have horses and I took him (out) in the SUV. He was sitting in the front seat and the window was down. I’m going down this little road and he jumped out the window. He’d seen some burro going to the pasture where we keep our horses. He took off and ran way up the hill, almost a mile, to another ranch. I drove up there and there wasn’t anybody there and he’s snooping around so I said “Hey, Charlie,” and he looks at me like “Oh, time to go?”

5. Is he always really active?

You can’t let him out of your sight. He’ll come home but he loves to go off on his own. He also sleeps a lot. He’s very friendly to other dogs and other people.