Lawyer crusader or profiteer?

Reader Input
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Re: “ADA lawsuits span Placer County,” Journal, July 7. No business in their right mind wants to prevent a disabled customer who physically cannot access their facility because of barriers from coming inside. Unfortunately, unless the law is changed, abuses will continue. The litmus test for access should be simply, “Can a disabled person with a wheelchair or a service animal park and enter the building to conduct business or not?” The ADA law is so full of loopholes, it allows this abuse. Quoting Scott Johnson “... because the case has already begun, the improvements won’t change its process, and statutory minimum damages have now kicked in because of the case.” That’s lawyer speak for “It doesn’t matter whether you fix it or not” and “You’re gonna have to pay me to go away.” (I think) Johnson always settles out of court and that he has made a lot of money for personal gain by his actions. I wonder if Johnson has done anything constructive with his earnings? Perhaps he’s a major contributor to charities that help disabled folks. Maybe he purchases wheelchairs and gives them to disabled people who need one but have no means. Or is he a profiteer posing as a crusader for disabled people? Incidentally, I just found out this morning that his monetary demands from my business have increased from $4,000 to $5,000. Scott Lance, Auburn Autohaus