KidsFirst makes leadership change

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The KidsFirst board of directors recently announced DeAnne Thornton, executive director is stepping down from her leadership role of the agency. Thorton has been a member of the KidsFirst staff for more than 11 years, serving as executive director for the past 4½ years. “I am privileged to have worked with so many dedicated employees and volunteers who are advancing our mission and am grateful for the community’s commitment to keeping children safe,” Thorton said. Board President Scott Myers said the agency is working on a smooth transition and will utilize Thorton on a part time basis during the executive search, which will begin in January.  The KidsFirst executive committee has selected the current KidsFirst Program Director Tilisa May to serve as interim executive director during the executive search. May has been a member of the KidsFirst leadership team for the past three years and has worked in close collaboration with all the KidsFirst staff to deliver programs to more than 12,000 families in just the past 12 months. “With the increasing needs of families in these tough economic times, the dedicated staff and volunteers of KidsFirst continue to focus on strengthening families through partnerships, navigating resources, and education. Everyone plays a part in creating strong families in our community,” May said. ~ Staff report