Juceams: Teacher violently shook boy

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The county’s education chief has responded to charges that a special education teacher abused the child of Scott and Lorena Juceam, calling them without basis. In a news release late Tuesday, the Juceam family alleged that there was a “violent shaking assault” on their 4-year-old special needs son Ben, who is the twin to the Juceam’s deceased infant daughter Hannah Rose. The 2006 death of Hannah Rose led to two criminal trials alleging that the Juceam’s former nanny, Veronica Salcedo, shook the infant, which resulted in fatal injuries to the baby. The Juceams said the incident occurred May 13 2009, which was the third anniversary of Hannah Rose’s death. In the news release, Scott Juceam said that’s when “my wife was told by school officials that Ben had been shaken by a teacher. “We were devastated,” Juceam said in the statement. “How could this be happening again? We learned that the teacher shook Ben violently and then threw him into a chair.” In a statement, the Placer County Office of Education acknowledged that a PCOE teacher was investigated for two months by the sheriff’s department and DA’s office for alleged mistreatment of a student in May 2009. However, no charges were filed and the case was closed, the PCOE statement said. County Superintendent Gayle Garbolino-Mojica said her office also conducted an investigation and “found no basis for the allegations of mistreatment by the teacher.” “As a parent I empathize with Mr. and Mrs. Juceam’s loss of their daughter and understand their deeply held concern about the safety and well being of our children,” Garbolino-Mojica said. “However, this matter has been fully investigated by the authorities and we are satisfied that students in our programs are safe and being served by professional, conscientious and highly skilled staff.” The Juceams said that they were filing a civil lawsuit, but had not done so by Wednesday afternoon, according to court records. Garbolino-Mojica said that those with grievances must first file a claim against the district before moving forward with a civil lawsuit. The county board of education will take up their claim at its meeting Oct. 8. The Juceams were slated to hold a news conference to discuss the charges 10:30 a.m. Thursday in Sacramento.