John Adams students honor Constitution

Congressman McClintock speaks at charter school’s assembly
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In a sea of red, white and blue uniforms, John Adams Academy students celebrated the U.S. Constitution during an assembly Friday at the Roseville charter school.

The event was held to commemorate Constitution Day on Sept. 17. Ninth grader Elisabeth Meeks explained what the Constitution means to her.

“What stands out to me most is the First Amendment,” Meeks said.

She provided examples of other countries that don’t allow freedom of speech, religion or the press.

“More countries need to be free like America is,” she said, before reciting a quote by former President Ronald Regan.

Sophomore Dallin Dufort described the Constitution as the country’s “scriptures.”

“If we follow them, things go well,” he said. “If we don’t follow them, things go not so well.”

Congressman Tom McClintock made a guest appearance to speak to sixth through 10th grade students about the Constitution’s importance, after the seventh graders recited the Preamble, which introduces the document’s fundamental purposes and guiding principles.

Academy school board member Norman Gonzales is McClintock’s director of outreach. The congressman asked the students to define government and its rightful purpose.

“Everything government does depends on the answer to that question,” McClintock said.

Government’s role, he said, is to protect our natural rights, which “Americans believe they get (from) God.”

McClintock said the United States is engaged in a philosophical debate as to whether government functions to improve society or protect individual rights. He equated the former to a totalitarian system and the latter to the system that “leads to freedom.”

~ Sena Christian