Jack Duran knocks out Rocky Rockholm in Roseville Placer County supes race

By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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Roseville voters turned Placer County’s District 1 in a new direction Tuesday, electing challenger Jack Duran. Duran, an attorney who sits on the Roseville Union High School District board, captured 7,929 votes to incumbent Supervisor Rocky Rockholm’s 5,723. The results reflect the county elections divisions tally this morning. Duran's totals represented 58 percent of ballots cast while Rockholm garnered 42 percent of the vote total. Duran jumped out to an early lead, based on the count of mail-in ballots. Soon after those results showed Duran in the lead, neither side was making a prediction on the outcome. But Duran’s early lead indicated strong support for a change in supervisor. Rockholm is in his final year of a four-year term after serving two terms on the Roseville City Council. Rockholm had never lost an election but was facing defeat for the first time. “The voters speak and you can’t argue with that,” Rockholm said after initial returns showed him trailing Duran. “Things can change quickly but I’ve always started in the lead.” Duran said he was feeling “cautiously optimistic” with the early returns. “It demonstrates that our message resonates with the taxpayer,” Duran said. “If we ultimately prevail, it’s a victory for fiscal responsibility – for government that does its job and holds entities accountable.” Duran is due to take office in January. Duran supporter Richard Sanborn of Auburn said that he was certain a $10,000 chartered flight Rockholm took from Utah to be at a Tahoe Board of Supervisors meeting in 2009 played a roll in voters supporting Duran. The bill was paid by the county and Rockholm reimbursed the county after the flight was made public. “And people were ready for somebody else, especially in Roseville,” Sanborn said. “I’m hoping this will be a positive change for our county and it’s important to Auburn too because Jack will be voting on things affecting Auburn.” Rockholm said the election campaign depended on him telling his side of the story. “It was about getting the truth out when my opponent was being negative,” he said. “The airplane ride became an issue but I paid for the flight.” Duran said he didn’t believe any one issue provided him with an advantage in the election. “It was almost as if the stars were aligned, so to speak, with the downturn in the economy and voters wanting to hold government accountable,” Duran said. In a countywide vote, challenger Casey Tanner of Roseville lost to incumbent Auditor Controller Kathy Martinis. Martinis captured 62 percent of the vote to Tanner’s 38 percent, in a two-candidate race. - Gus Thomson