Investing in our future: Roseville Energy Park

By: George Fraser City View
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It’s a pleasure to be back with the city again. As some of you may recall I was the city’s electric utility director from 1995 to 1998. I’ve been helping out at the utility since January and I’m quite impressed that since I left, the city has invested in a major asset in the Roseville Energy Park. I predict that in five years this community will say one of the best investments made in Roseville was the construction of its Energy Park. As someone who has been in the electric industry for more than 40 years — as a consultant, utility director and general manager of the Northern California Power Agency — I can tell you the plant is a cost-effective and efficient way to provide electricity to Roseville’s 51,000 customers. Just recently, the plant successfully completed its major maintenance work. This is a significant and important accomplishment that ensures the plant is well maintained and available to run when needed. I’ve had a chance to review a recently completed independent engineering study prepared for the city to assess the Energy Park’s operations and whether it is meeting expectation. The results of the assessment study show Roseville’s Energy Park is safe, well-managed and operated. There were several recommendations — minor in my point of view — from the assessment on things that can be done to improve efficiency and benefits. The city has begun implementing several of the recommendations which will only further contribute to the value of the Energy Park. The assessment demonstrates what I observe as well, that the Roseville’s Energy Park provides electricity at a lower cost than what we can purchase it for in the marketplace — especially during the summer. It provides Roseville citizens with reliable energy and insurance against chaotic energy market fluctuations. Roseville Electric has provided safe and reliable energy to this community for nearly 100 years. And while much has changed in that time, Roseville Electric has evolved from a small hometown utility where the core focus was to maintain power lines into a professional, sophisticated, and innovative utility that meets a highly regulated and increasing demand for affordable power. The Roseville Energy Park, along with many other electric services, ensures we live up to our promise to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity into the next century. For more information, go to George Fraser is the interim Roseville Electric utility director.