Injured dog has surgery as donations continue to pour in

By: Eileen Wilson, Press Tribune Correspondent
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She’s working hard, and she’s going to be just fine. Old Lady, the 10-year-old shepherd and Lab that was severely injured has completed the first of two surgeries, and is expected to make a full recovery.

The dog, a stray in Sacramento, was rushed to Johnson Ranch Veterinary Clinic in Roseville late last month after being hit by a car — the only clinic that was available to take her as an emergency case. When the clinic X-rayed the dog, they found a number of BBs — a shocking sight for any dog lover.

“I can’t believe someone would do this to a dog, but it happens every day. Both cats and dogs are shot with BB or pellet guns, among other things,” said veterinarian Dr. Karen Johnson.

Donations have been pouring in to help the sweet, shy girl with huge liquid-brown eyes — donations to the tune of more than $5,000. But with a second surgery needed, and two months of rehabilitation, the pooch and her adoptive owner, Kristell Stout (who was just laid off from her job last week), can use all the help they can get.

Doctor Johnson described the dog’s condition as of Tuesday.

“The surgeons put a pin, a plate, and wire in place to help her walk on her broken humerus. She has major swelling on her feet, and requires constant icing,” Johnson said. “But she has been able to put weigh on her foot — today she was able to take a short walk while putting weight on all four feet.”

Old Lady will receive laser therapy for her lower leg and spinal column, additional surgery to determine the type of BBs that are imbedded in her muscles, and she will use an underwater treadmill, as well. The pooch will require rehab up to three times a week for at least two months.

“We have had lots of offers for help,” Johnson said. “From monetary donations to someone offering to provide food for her for a year. Her care has been covered by donations so far.”

Johnson is involved with several area animal rescue groups and Placer SPCA, and has treated Old Lady at a substantial discount. Johnson expects to release Old Lady to her new home by the weekend, with Stout bringing her in for additional treatments and rehabilitation.