Infusion Fitness has five personal trainers to choose from

By: Stephanie Garica, Granite Bay View Correspondent
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Infusion Fitness

8970 Carriage Drive, Granite Bay (part of Gorin Tennis Academy)

(916) 797-8444

If you’ve ever been to a gym in January, you’ll see an increase in members. The new year is a fresh start for many, and fitness is one of the most popular goals to tackle.

Fitness and health goals are different for every person. Some simply want to get stronger. Others are seeking greater endurance, weight loss, increased flexibility, or enhanced speed. Unfortunately, many are concerned with specific health issues, such as auto immune diseases, obesity, diabetes or arthritis.

Infusion Fitness in Granite Bay has five experienced trainers who want to change the way the public perceives a gym environment.

Located at the Gorin Tennis facility in Granite Bay, an open floor gym is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, kettle bells, free weights, treadmills and strength training gear.

But this isn’t a “gym” — this is Infusion Fitness, where participants work out with one of five personal trainers in an intimate setting with beautiful views of grassy trails and tennis courts.

“We are all independent, yet we all blend together,” said Will Partridge, who created the name Infusion Fitness because he liked the idea of having several personal trainers conduct their own business under one roof.

There’s something for everyone at infusion Fitness, from individual training to group classes. And each trainer specializes in something different.

If you’re into yoga, holistic health and wellness and therapeutic ways to improve your overall body, as opposed to a structured regiment, Partridge, 25, may be a good fit for you.

“I approach training as a healing process — not just a tool,” he said.

Partridge offers personal training and group yoga classes and recently started a Dynamic Joint Mobility Rehab class to help people who suffer from injuries, back pain, recovery from surgeries or other ailments. He loves his job and it shows.

“I offer multiple paradigms of training,” Partridge said.

If you’re a mom on the run and like the camaraderie of a high-energy group workout in a bootcamp environment, Lena Geiser, 24, is the perfect coach for you. The upbeat aerobic enthusiast specializes in bootcamp interval training and conducts group sessions three days a week.

“It’s a fun and challenging workout that’s always evolving,” Geiser said.

Geiser joined Infusion six months ago upon a recommendation from former Granite Bay High School classmate, Partridge. Before joining Infusion, she was a trainer at sea and conducted classes on the Royal Caribbean Cruise lines. She soon found out that she really missed being at home.

“I love land,” Geiser said.

Strength exercising and kettle bell training is the focus of Chris Johnson, 25. He also offers speed and agility training, sports training, and works with some MMA fighters who travel quite a distance to train with Johnson.

Johnson appears to have a tough guy exterior, but don’t let that fool you. Upon talking to him it’s apparent that he wears his heart on his sleeve.

“I love building relationships,” Johnson said. “Watching my clients get healthy in life and in their sport is very inspiring.”

Having been a personal trainer for the past 25 years, Rex Owens, 48, knows the importance of physical fitness, in fact, he studies it. The highly educated Owens has made a career out of fitness training. He creates individual plans and schedules based on each client’s need.

“Everyone needs a personal trainer,” Owens said. “But not everyone needs a trainer every day.”

From some of the Kings players’ wives, to moms and even older grandparents who simply want to strengthen their arms and lift their grandchildren, Owens is a wealth of knowledge.

“This is what I do — accidentally.”

That’s right — personal training was never his goal. After getting out of the Army in 1987, Owens showed up at a gym to apply for a job. As soon as the manager saw the tall, fit and young military veteran, he assumed Owens was there to apply for the trainer position.

“They looked at me and asked if I was there for the trainer position,” Owens said. “I didn’t know the title of the position I was there for, so I just said ‘yes.’” Back then, trainers weren’t required to have any type of certifications, and so Owens was hired and immediately began to educate himself about the anatomy, which would help him train beyond the physical appearance.

Owens obtained a bachelor’s degree in sport management and then a master’s degree in corrective exercise. He now teaches at Bryant College, where his students learn how to become personal trainers.

One of his students is also a personal trainer at Infusion. MillyNunez, 33, has been a trainer for a year-and-a-half. She considers herself an accountability coach.

“I like helping people reach their goals,” Nunez said.

She offers group and individual training and concentrates on toning, being accountable to goals they set together and watching people change their lives.

In addition to fitness training and wellness coaching, the licensed trainers at Infusion Fitness offer weight loss and nutritional advice.