How does an Eagle help a beagle?

Roseville Boy Scout and friends make more than 200 doggie treat dispensers for the SPCA
By: Paul Cambra, Gold Country News Service
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When Evan King was looking for an idea for his Eagle Scout project, he remembered helping a fellow Scout build cat scratching posts for the Placer SPCA. A call to the organization resulted in his decision to make treat dispensers for dogs. “It’s something fun for the dogs to do when they are in the kennels,” said Placer SPCA Humane Educator Mary Terrell. “We showed Evan a prototype. He tweaked it a bit to accommodate different size kibbles.” The treat dispensers are 12-inch-long PVC pipes, capped on both sides and full of holes, not big enough for the food to fall out easily, but will come out when the dog plays with them. “I tested it on a couple of our neighbor’s dogs,” King said. “They worked out very well.” To complete the project, King would have to raise about $700. He planned two car wash fundraisers, the first of which was successful enough to fully finance his endeavor. With a little help from Lowe’s, which offers Boy Scouts a material discount, and a few dozen or so Scouts and adult leaders, King assembled 215 treat dispensers, to the delight of the hungry hounds at the Roseville facility. “The supply will probably last us two or three years, they are pretty sturdy. But I suppose if a dog got real attached to it, we would certainly let them take it home,” Terrell said. “Evan worked so hard on this. He found a way to make it happen. A number of Eagle Scouts have done fantastic things for us over the years. It’s made a huge difference to us. I know they are thankful to get a project to work on, but we are very grateful for it. It’s a win-win.” King said he had the most fun raising the money, when about two dozen fellow couts turned out to help him wash cars. As far as planning the work day, he said the key was to advertise it well and make sure there’s food there for the help. “And don’t have it too early on a Saturday morning,” he said. “Sunday afternoons are pretty good. Early mornings are never good.” They say “let sleeping dogs lie.” Apparently it works for Scouts, too.