Housewife comedian from Roseville to appear on ‘The View’

Stephanie Garcia heading to New York for live television competition
By: Scott Thomas Anderson, Editor
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Stephanie Garcia wears many hats: Stand-up comedian, ensemble performer, part-time journalist, wife and full-time mother of two children.  

She also readily admits to one more title — dreamer. 

On Monday, the Roseville resident will appear on live national television in an effort to make her biggest dream come true.

Garcia has been telling jokes on stages for more than eight years. She balances her act with the role she plays in the comedy group, Real Funny Housewives of Rio Linda.  More than that, she balances it with swinging kids to school, cleaning house and figuring out what to serve for dinner. She and her husband, Rich, have been parents since 1999, when their first child, daughter Daisy, was born. Last year, baby Ryan became the newest addition to the family.

“Having a baby again has added a whole new dimension to my comedy,” Garcia said. “There’s no question about that.”

Meditating on motherhood has been a signature of Garcia’s comedy. “Everyone told me how hard it is being a stay-at-home,” she opens one of her bits with, “and it is — except once you get your kids to daycare it’s like being on vacation for the rest of the day.”

Of course, Garcia points out, that’s not true: Being a mom means being loaded with constant responsibilities, which Garcia juggles with performing at venues like Punchline in Sacramento, Laughs Unlimited in Old Sacramento and The Comedy Spot in Midtown Sacramento. Garcia recently heard that ABC’s nationally broadcast show ‘The View’ was holding a competition for the funniest housewife in America. Garcia quickly sent in a video of her solo act and a clip of her performing with Real Funny Housewives of Rio Linda. Three weeks went by as Garcia basically forgot about the competition. And then, out of the blue, she got a phone call from the producers of ‘The View,’ who offered to fly her out to New York this Sunday so she can compete on live television the following day. 

“They asked me, are you available for us to bring you out Sunday?” Garcia recalled. “I said, ‘Actually, I’m kind of busy with this PTA thing.’”

Though afraid of airplanes, Garcia is now eagerly preparing to launch into the two most important minutes of joke-telling in her career. If she breaks through that level of the competition, she’ll be flown back out to New York again on Nov. 19 to try for the grand title. 

“I actually don’t know what you win,” she said. “And I don’t want to know. That’s not why I’m doing it. Comedy is my passion. I quit my job to do it full-time, and while that was financially catastrophic, I’ve never been happier in my life.”

She added, “If this first appearance turns out to be my only ‘15 minutes of fame’ ever, that’s absolutely fine with me, but I really do hope it opens some doors.”