Honors go to Adelante grads

Sixty-five seniors graduate; several receive awards and scholarships
By: Margaret Snider, special to the Press Tribune
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The 65 Adelante High School graduates milled around in front of Lord’s Gym at Abundant Life Fellowship in Roseville Thursday.

Their faces registered excitement as they greeted each other and saw parents and family head for their seats. The graduates’ faces also reflected anticipation for what the future might bring, now that this phase of life was coming to a close.

After the processional, Principal Suzanne Laughrea gave the names of those Adelante soon-to-be graduates enlisting in the military: Robi Anda, Brian Arriola-Arevalo, Candice Bussell, Tyler Gibson, Jacob Laster and Francisco Lopez.

She also congratulated the juniors graduating early because of their hard work, which included Cameron Akers, Nicholas Arrington, Kyle Battles, Kat Grossner, Jacob Laster, Devon Peek and Rayna Vigil-Avila.

Senior speaker Danielle Hickman reflected on her struggles to make it through high school.

“Without Adelante I probably would have dropped out, but because I didn’t, I now have something to look forward to,” Hickman said. “It’s been such a roller coaster ride.”

Fellow senior speaker Clayne Curtis commented on how Adelante suited him, and his peers.

“At Oakmont (High School), I walked the halls feeling invisible,” Curtis said. “This is a school where students can feel comfortable and find friends.”

For some graduates the road has been hard.

“It’s in adversity that your true character is revealed,” Laughrea said.

Graduate Candice Bussell knows that firsthand. She dropped out of high school at 17.

“When I was about to turn 18, I decided I wanted to try to do it on my own,” Bussell said. “That was really hard, really hard, and I had maybe 100 credits and I did it in a year.”

Graduates had advice for high school students who are having a tough time and thinking of dropping out.

“Don’t do it, it’s not worth it,” said Danielle Hickman. “(It is) the greatest feeling to be in that graduation, the greatest feeling.”

Alex Johnson agrees.

“Don’t ever drop out,” Johnson said. “It took me an extra couple months, I didn’t graduate with my class. I felt real bad. I really did try, but I tried a little too late. It’s a great feeling (to graduate).”

Rayna Vigil-Avila said students should graduate “no matter what.”

“No matter what you think, you can do it,” she said. “It will happen. It takes a lot of work but don’t give up, because it’s the best. It’s what’s needed in life.”

Assistant Principal Bridgette Dean said that sometimes life doesn’t happen for every student the same way, or the easy way. Adelante is the place for these kids.

“Things happen and they step up to the plate, they come to us,” Dean said. “We are a nontraditional traditional high school, for lack of a better saying, and for some of these kids that’s what they need. They don’t fit in the box. But they’re extremely successful, extremely bright young people.”



Outstanding Progress Award: Leland Hogan
Attendance Award: Devon Peek
Academic Distinction Award: Devon Peek, Nicholas Arrington
Y.E.A.G.A. presentation: Francisco Lopez, Jose Arciniega, Elizabeth Buenrostro, Rayna Vigil-Avila, Yessica Chagoyan


Roseville Junction Unity Democratic Club: Yessica Chagoyan
RJUDC Contributing Members: Rayna Vigil-Avila
Y.E.A.G.A.: Rayna Vigil-Avila
Rotary Club of Roseville Bob Howe Memorial: Clayne Curtis
Assistance League of Greater Placer County: Elizabeth Buenrostro, Linda Jimenez, Danielle Hickman, Rayna Vigil-Avila, Yessica Chagoyan
Renesas Electronics of America: Amanda Wilson
Granite Bay Kiwanis: Linda Jimenez, Danielle Hickman
JRL Memorial: Elizabeth Buenrostro
Soroptomist International Thelma Zerbe Memorial: Elizabeth Buenrostro
RJUHSD Administration: Annalese Feinberg
AHS Staff: Cynthia Steeves
Roseville Kiwanis: Rayna Vigil-Avila
Omer J. Dubei Memorial: Danielle Hickman