Hillary or Obama could have received a vote

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I really enjoyed Jennifer Oehlman’s article (April 30, The Press-Tribune) and appreciate her youth, talent and the fact that Gold Country News Service published her article. However, the young Sierra College student stated that as an independent voter she could not vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary. This was not true. Had she told the poll worker that she is an independent (Decline to State or DTS) voter and that she would like a Democratic ballot, she would have been given one. The Democratic Party, unlike the Republican Party allowed independents to vote for their candidates in the primary. She apparently did not know this. I suspect that a lot of independent voters don’t. We’ll, now at least the reader knows. Also, the American Independent Party is a political party and not the same as being independent. Many folks assume too much from the name, so much so that the party has (what I think) is the third largest number of registrations in California. (Even the Secretary of State’s office couldn’t tell me that was the case). Placer County Elections does a good job getting students to register and vote. However, they are weak when it comes to explaining why people go DTS in the first place and instead try to get them to register with traditional political parties, much to George Washington’s dismay. Why stain yourself with Republican and Democratic political histories of war, crime, torture, abuse, lying and scandal? Me, I’d rather be the party of me, myself and I. It’s fundamentally cleaner and better for my digestion. Michael Patrick Murphy, Rocklin