Health care bill is control tactic

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I am very upset with the direction the president is taking this country. In a speech last February, Obama announced he would completely change our health care, education and energy. He also stated that he believes in “share the wealth” or taking from the rich and giving to the poor. All of his socialistic plans have failed everywhere they have been used, but he thinks this time they will work. Our country became great because each person had a chance to be anything he wanted to be depending on how much effort he put into it. Capitalism isn’t perfect but it is far better than any other form of government. Our forefathers were brilliant men who created a constitution that has worked for 200 years and now we have an administration that wants to change it. Some say Obama is compassionate. Our country has been one of the most compassionate in the world in helping others at home and abroad. Is it compassionate to spend our hard-earned money to repay those who supported him? Obama has taken us so deeply in debt in one year that we may never recover from it. This massive health care bill does nothing to help control the cost of health care while preserving quality. It is just another massive growth of government to control us — one more step toward socialism. Now they plan to increase taxes once more to pay for it. Tax and spend is compassionate? Wasting our money is compassionate? Ann Laman, Auburn