Health care for all in great USA

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Hooray! A health care plan is on the way, not a perfect one, but a step in the right direction. I was thinking about the past, the “greatest generation” – their WWII fight to save the world, their push to get their education through the G.I. Bill and their creation of a strong middle class in this country, which is the very basis of our strength. After WWII, American taxpayers rebuilt Germany, Japan and Italy, one of the smartest things our nation has ever done and one of the most generous things any nation has ever done. It occurred to me that these countries all have good, affordable health care for all their citizens. All our former allies also have health care for all their citizens. So why doesn’t the United States of America have health care for all of our citizens? We should have had it 50 years ago. Do we think less of our citizens than Germany and Japan think of theirs? I know it’s expensive, but other nations understand the value and necessity of health care for all. So why don’t we? I think we’ve been sold a bill of goods by greedy insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and politicians on the take from these mega businesses. So wake up ... it’s time for that to change! We must do this for future generations. We are worth it! It is the moral, patriotic thing to do. Elinor Petuskey, Newcastle