Has supe aided shelter?

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In Rocky Rockholm’s Feb. 3 editorial, it mentioned the planned animal shelter. Make no mistake about it; Rocky has done nothing to help solve the animal facility crisis we’re currently in. When Rocky took office, we were in the second year of our “Campaign for Change” — to bring awareness to the situation. At that time, on two occasions, I left him a brief phone message asking if we could discuss the animal shelter. Rocky never returned my calls. Subsequently, I attended several Board meetings and spoke of the animal shelter during the comment period. Unlike his predecessor, Rocky never extended an invitation to gather more information, listen to the concerns or otherwise attempt to open a constructive dialog to fix the problems. Then, on March 11, 2009, I sent an e-mail message outlining the problems to thousands of animal supporters and included the entire Board of Supes. Although he’d never extended the courtesy of speaking to me directly, Rocky was quick to send my message, addressed to Tom Miller, CEO, calling me “screwy” and asking how he could block future messages. Instead of sending that message to Miller, Rocky sent it back to me. I would be surprised if Rocky could get in his car and drive to the County animal shelter without looking up the address. To pretend that he’s been on the forefront of any plans for a shelter in West Roseville or rectifying the appalling situation at the Auburn shelter is disingenuous. Rosemary Frieborn, Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter, Newcastle