Grinding on a dream

New skateboard shop open for business in Roseville
By: Brad Alexander, The Press-Tribune
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The skateboarding scene in Placer County is getting another boost with a new skate shop in Downtown Roseville. A three-way partnership forged through dreams and dedication created the unique skate shop that is "Street Wreck." For three local entrepreneurs the childhood dream to open a skate shop has finally taken shape. If it wasn't for a mutual friend's barbecue, the trio might have never been reunited. From there things just clicked for longtime friends Frank Mueller, 27, of Roseville, Matt Hopson, 26, of Lincoln, and Bryan Goetsch, 26, of Lincoln. Hopson and Goetsch had known each other since their freshman year at Victory Christian High School and had often talked of one day opening a skate shop. But after high school life came calling and bills had to be paid. The two changed course, joining the Plumber Pipe Fitters Union, Local 447. Mueller, who has been skating since he was nine years old, ran into a similar situation when after graduation he decided to join the military, once again putting the dream of a skate shop on hold. "I joined the military at 19 and by the time I got back all my skate friends had turned pro," Mueller said. "But I still wanted to open a good shop. Before you always had to go to downtown Sacramento for one." Thanks to the barbecue, Mueller was able to bring Hopson and Goetsch the professional backing that they needed, while the childhood friends posted the necessary funds to get Street Wreck started. When businesses' doors opened on July 15, nerves and blood pressure ran high as customers weren't flowing in as the three had imagined. That was partially due to the lack of an open sign to let anyone know that they were in business. "It's our first business venture for all of us, we were really nervous," Hopson said. "We're still really nervous. But that helps us keep grinding." Hopson and Goetsch still work for the pipe fitters' union full-time, with Goetsch "running ragged" with his new eight-month-old daughter now added to the mix. Mueller, who is a full-time chemical engineering student at UC Davis, expects to graduate this year. "We don't have a day off. I do skate shop stuff from when I'm off work until I go to bed, every night," Hopson said. "It's definitely worth it though, to be doing something you've always wanted to." The trio designed Street Wreck as a shop with a "bare bones" look and feel. The shop includes dozens of core name brands for anything a local skater might need, including brands like Nike SB, Girl, Chocolate, Anti Hero and exclusive rights to Diamond. To become more involved with the local skateboarding scene, the guys at Street Wreck are hosting a S.K.A.T.E. contest on Oct. 15. A cash prize of $200 will go to the winner. The first-time business owners are still learning how to run a business the hard way - by just doing it. The ride has included plenty of bumps and bruises. "There is so much we didn't know about running a business, like marketing, inventory, bookkeeping and the taxes involved," Goetsch said. "Right now we're focusing on being active on trying to promote the shop."