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Greening the holidays

By: Jim Gray Mayor of Roseville
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With the holiday season underway, we have a chance to give thanks for our blessings while celebrating them with family and friends. With that comes the opportunity to help green the holidays by being proactive in our consumption habits. While the season generates many a gift given and received, and increased energy consumption, you can still save money and reduce waste generated, by following a few simple tips. Here’s a closer look at how you can green the holidays while celebrating in style. Energy-efficient lights Illuminate your holidays with energy efficient lights. Manufacturers are offering many new holiday light using light emitting diodes (LED). This new technology can save your energy, which reduces your costs and consumption. LEDs last longer than other types of lights. They are durable, cool to the touch and safe. Lower the thermostat Set your thermostat to 68 degrees when home (health permitting) and lower it when you are away. Lowering the temperature three to five degrees can save up to 20 percent in heating costs. Plug it up Plug leaks by caulking around windows and doors. Close the fireplace damper when not in use. Replace single pane windows with dual pane high-efficiency windows. Be an Energy Star When replacing appliances, consider purchasing Energy Star-rated models. Roseville Electric offers rebates for dishwashers, clothes washers and refrigerators. You may be eligible for rebates by implementing many of our energy-saving tips. Go to for more details about rebate programs, or call 79-POWER. Reduce waste During the holiday season, Americans throw away an extra one million tons of waste, including 38,000 miles of ribbon – enough to tie a bow around the Earth. This year, avoid excessive waste with these clever ideas: n Give gifts friends and family can experience, like tickets to events or organization memberships. n Cut up old Christmas cards and use them as gift tags. n Buy a recharger and rechargeable batteries for battery-powered gifts. n Give gift certificates and cards instead of gifts. n Hide unwrapped gifts and provide clues for kids to find them. n Buy gifts, cards, wrapping and ribbons made with recycled content. n Take your Roseville reusable shopping bag with you to carry home holiday purchases. n Take advantage of Roseville’s Christmas tree recycling program. If we all do a little something, together we can make a world of difference. Enjoy the holidays!