Granite Bay Supervisor Kirk Uhler could be off the recall hook

By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler may not be the subject of a recall drive after all. Members of Save Granite Bay, which is behind a possible recall petition drive, met earlier this week with their Granite Bay-area, District 4 supervisor. And a leader with the group indicated afterward that a change may be in store. Will Ellis – a Granite Bay doctor and co-founder of Save Granite Bay – said Uhler was conciliatory and that the direction the district’s community plan process is now moving has left the group reconsidering its options. The group served Uhler with a notice of the recall petition last week but one of their main areas of concern – whether the supervisor would support a major, $750,000 revamp of the Granite Bay Community Plan – was answered unexpectedly for them when he opted for a low-cost option with little threat of major changes. Uhler said today that if the two sides had been able to meet earlier, he could have told them that he was in support of the low-impact option that was also backed last week by other supervisors and county staff. Uhler added that he believed he was able to convey to group members that earlier public meetings and work by the county were part of a process that led to the decision. Asked why he decided on the low-impact plan update, Uhler said that he was “listening” to his constituents. Ellis and Save Granite Bay had feared a massive overhaul of the previous plan and a loss of the community’s character in the face of developer demands. “It is a surprise,” Ellis said. “He finally listened and now we need to decide how to react to that surprise.” Ellis said Save Granite Bay leaders will be meeting and likely decide on what direction to take over the weekend. “I have to give him credit,” Ellis said. “He surprised us and I think we need to be thoughtful.”