Granite Bay man earns "Blue Thumb" recognition

The Regional Water Authority launched the Blue Thumb campaign to promote water conservation
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Walt Slipe considers water life’s most precious commodity. The Granite Bay resident’s commitment to water conservation recently earned him the “Blue Thumb” designation by the Regional Water Authority. The agency represents 19 water providers in the region. RWA launched the Blue Thumb public-service campaign to promote landscape water efficiency throughout Placer and Sacramento counties. The education campaign focuses on landscape water efficiency because most residential water usage occurs outdoors. Our region’s hot, dry and long summers mixed with our water shortages make for a bad combination when it comes to water use. Residents compensate for the dryness by watering their lawns too often. More than 65 percent of a household’s yearly water consumption typically goes to landscape irrigation. Of that, 30 percent is lost due to overwatering or evaporation. “People can make a big difference in their total water use by making sure landscape irrigation is efficient and by eliminating runoff,” said RWA Executive Director John Woodling. “Those are two of the most cost-effective ways to stretch our limited water supplies and ensure we continue to have sufficient water for a healthy environment and economy.” The water use of residents impacts the health of the Sacramento River and American River, as well as local creeks and streams. Residents can conserve water through simple tasks, such as making sure sprinklers water the lawn instead of the sidewalk, adjusting irrigation systems according to the season or using an automatic shut-off valve on their hose. RWA received 24 nominations from throughout the Sacramento region for residents who deserved recognition in the Blue Thumb campaign. Six homeowners from Sacramento, West Sacramento, Elk Grove, Folsom and Granite Bay were ultimately selected to participate. Slipe earned the recognition by installing a drip-irrigation system. “While the population of California continues to grow, our water supplies are not expanding to meet the demands,” Slipe said in a press release. “We all must do our part to be efficient.” ~ Sena Christian