Granite Bay fifth graders taught to focus on abilities, not disabilities

A Touch of Understanding presents to students at Ridgeview Elementary School
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Volunteers with A Touch of Understanding showed fifth graders at Ridgeview Elementary School in Granite Bay what it’s like to have a disability during multiple presentations last week. Students rotated among stations to learn about wearing prosthetics, using a wheelchair, walking with a cane, struggling with dyslexia and reading Braille. “Have you ever been laughed at when you don’t mean to be funny? Doesn’t it hurt?” ATOU Director Leslie DeDora asked the kids. The students shared their challenges: asthma, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a grandparent’s death. DeDora encouraged them to focus on abilities, not disabilities. “Some of my students said it was surprising to learn just what people with disabilities go through every day and they now understand how they must feel,” said fifth-grade teacher Cheryl Niver. “I think it reminded them that everyone is the same on the inside.” ~ Sena Christian