Good luck exiting Galleria

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Galleria in Roseville ... are they in violation of fire and safety codes? There is no clearly marked exit routes in the entire complex. Today, while “lost” wandering around the mall, a loud, screaming alarm sounded several times, what could be taken for a fire ... or terrorist attack ... alarm ordering immediate evacuation. I could not find my way to the nearest emergency exit. There (appeared) no cause for alarm ... this time. Even then, I had to ask a store employee how to get out of the complex. Galleria is noted for its labyririth of limited cross and elevation walk ways, forcing the shopper to walk past many other shops to get anywhere. In this land of earthquakes, and the media’s constant reminders that we are in danger of terrorist attack, it seems imperative that emergency evacuation routes be readily identified and accessible. Many thanks. William Leonard, Rocklin