Good ideas, experience not always enough in election

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Endorsements are a funny thing. If they are put together in a thoughtful way, they mean something. However, in this school board election, they might mean something else. This is my first time running for any public office, and I have discovered that having good ideas and experience is not always enough. I had only one opportunity to talk with one leader of the Dry Creek Teachers Association. After this 25-minute conversation, I was told by e-mail, “We agree that you have good ideas and we like the fact that you are a teacher, though the competition is such that a more established campaign will be necessary to win.” So there you have it – someone else earned the endorsement because I was not “established” enough. (Along with several hundred dollars that came along with that endorsement.) I urge all residents of the Dry Creek School District to keep this in mind when you see lawn signs, read political junk mail, or are called at home by one of those “robo-call” programs. If you would like to have real information about candidates, and not just rely on endorsements, I suggest the League of Women Voters Web page: They allow every candidate to put their information on the Web for free. You can find out information on all candidates and make up your own mind. If you like what you read about me, I hope you will tell a friend. As for myself, I will keep photocopying flyers, and wearing out my shoes to try and get my name out there. Some of us can’t afford lawn signs. Jeff Randall, Dry Creek School Board candidate