Gold mine at Cirby and Riverside

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There is a Roseville gold mine at Cirby Way and Riverside Avenue. I received my first citation in 55 years at this corner being cited with “negligence, and failure to obey traffic signs.” While in heavy traffic on northbound Cirby, I turned right off of Cirby to get onto eastbound Riverside. After making the turn I realized the lane had recently been changed to a freeway only lane with white line marking. I signaled and cautiously and safely changed lanes onto the Riverside lane of traffic. I was pulled over and cited with the aforementioned traffic ticket. On my day in court I discovered five other citizens were cited at the very same intersection on the very same day for the same stated reason, by the very same Roseville Police Officer. Needless to say the judge showed no compassion or questioned the possibility of faulty street engineering and placement of traffic signs. For my 55 years of safe and lawful driving I was awarded with a $221.00 fine. A fine Christmas gift from me to the Roseville gold mine. Would be interesting to know how many citations have been written for that same location,same reason and by the same officer. Terrence N. Scheffler, Antelope